Watermark Logo


"Authorize your photographs by adding Watermark logo to it. Its crucial to protect data as everyone is sharing, modifying and editing online. Have a glance to the features beneath."

Add identification

Logo is a mark which helps as major part of identification. Now it’s easy to do so using Auto Stamper where you need to manually ON watermark logo from app

Easy access

Add logo in the form of image from your smartphone easily and watermark them appropriately as per your requirement.

Adjustable transparency

Adjust transparency of the logo as per your image background and give perfection to your image so that they can used whenever needed.

Perfect representation

Logo represents you as well as your work for any organization or personal individually especially when you are promoting your work.

Save your logo

App allows you to access your previously accessed up to 8 logo due to which you need to upload new logo every time when you need them.

Wide range of uses

Whether you are promoting your services or adverting your work, it is one of the critical thing which will play role.

Advantage of Date and Time Stamp

Take a deeper look over watermark logo features to give everlasting remembrance to your photos

Stop Image Theft

We do lots of hard work which is shared on the sea of internet and so why not to secure them. Add a Watermark logo to all your captured photos and protect them for Copyright Infringement!


Add custom watermark logo of your brand or company with the help of Auto Stamper to create brand awareness and grow your business heaps and bounds.

Data Authentication

In this digital era it is very essential to protect the data from counterfeit and piracy because digital data is easy to modify, edit and share.