1) How to use this application?

Auto Stamper marks your images with stamp which are captured from your phone default camera. You just need to set preference for stamps i.e. Date & time, Signature, GPS and watermark logo in the application & then take image from default camera. After capturing image wait for few seconds a message will appear "Stamp Added Successfully" and then open image where you can view the stamp added to image.

2) Does this application stamps images taken earlier or on already captured images?

Our Application concept is to add stamp on image while you are capturing image from default camera. It does not add stamp on already captured image.

3) What is pro version or why am not able to access font format, stamp position & stamp color?

User can adjust and set the stamps font format, position, size & color as per their want in pro version only.

4) Why does application needs phone permission?

We understand your concern related to phone safety and its data. Our application has Refer functionality through which you can refer app to 15 friends and on 15 successfully installation you will get pro features in free of cost which is the reason we are taking phone permission. This will help us to take unique identification number "IMEI" so that in future if you reinstall app, you will get pro features just by verifying the IMEI number. Application only take "IMEI" for verification there is no call functionalities and we are not syncing any private data. We respect customer’s privacy & will never share your details with any 3rd person or organization. 

5) No camera available in the application to take photos?

Our Application has no camera option to click photo. Just select stamp format and capture photo from your smartphone default camera. Auto stamper application automatically adds stamp on Photo.

6) What is Refer App functionality?

By using Refer functionality you can refer app to your 15 friends and on 15 successfully installation of application in their device you can get the advantage of get pro version in free of cost.

7) When all GPS stamp Area, City, State, Country are ON then why only country is stamped on the images?

For GPS, both internet connectivity & GPS system should be ON in your phone so that all Area, State, City & Country will be stamped on photos and if anyone of them is OFF then only country will be displayed by default. Because if any one is OFF, then app will not able to get the location and in that situation, the stamp will not be displayed on the photo, so it's better to show country rather than nothing. 

8) Why stamps are not appearing on my images?

If your default camera image storage location is SD Card then you have to grant SD Card permission from application by clicking on option "Give SD Card Permission" because in some device operation system will not allow permission to add stamp on image. Secondary storage permission is need to add stamp on photo for those photos that are save in SD Card for os version >= 4.4

9) Why does not stamp appears on images in Android 4.4.x OS if storage location is SD card location?

If mobile OS version is 4.4(Kitkat), it does not allow installed application (except System app) to save image in SD Card. This facility has been removed in Android 4.4(Kitkat) OS Version by Mobile Manufacturer.

10) Does this application affects the quality of image like it changes the resolution of images or any other change to image?

We understand your apprehension but don't worry about image quality, it will not affect quality of image as we have taken complete care of quality of image. Our application just adds stamp on image.

11) Application not working with another camera app?

The reason behind this, some camera app is not providing system default support & basic functionalities needed to add stamp rather than mobile default camera application of the device. Our application works best with the use of default camera of the device.

12) Why I have to reopen application every time to get stamps on images or why doesn’t the stamps appear on images?

Some devices like MI, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, & many more where their device manufacturer and their Custom OS will not provide running services in the background so you to need to run the application in the background to get stamp on photo.