Sequence Stamp

Advantage of Sequence Stamp

Turn on the Sequence Stamp and have n numbers of counts ready to get added on clicked pictures as per your requirement. You can add numbers, select increasing or decreasing type, Add Prefix and Suffix, set number for repeating sequence, and also can set limit to sequence Number.

Stamp Format

Select font format from ample of options available using which you can give a beautiful appearance to your photos. So just make one time change and you are done as your images will be stamped with Sequence stamp automatically.

Organized Images

Click pictures with Sequence Stamp and you will get the numbers imprinted to make your every picture gets counted.This way can make a list of images combined together having sole purpose.

Suffix and prefix

Choose your own words to be used as Suffix and prefix to automatically added Sequence Stamp on each Snap. 

Proper Arrangement

 Whether to store memories or to create Scrapbook, can have stamped pictures for easy utilization.

Easy Catalogue Sorting

To show your Customer/Client your products or service Listing properly sorted with Sequence Stamps.


Customize stamp format by selecting stamp size, color, position and format as per picture background to give it a unique appearance.


Check out some of the best examples for Sequence Stamp usage by Auto Stamper.

Product based online/offline Stores

When you are in the Business of any product Selling, then You might have come across so many products to be dealt with. Check here how Sequence Stamp Feature can be turned into quite Useful and effective tool to help you out there.

Achieve Fitness Goal

It’s not that easy to follow a routine to stay Fit & Fine with all must do tasks every day. In that case, Sequence Stamp is there to ease your Efforts and make you perform your Routine keeping everything in a proper manner


Enhance your Adventurous and Exciting Trips with Sequence Stamp available in your one stop Stamp Camera Solution - AutoStamper Application. Give your Adventures some extra Buzz.