An Ultimate Trick To Use ‘Auto Stamper & My Stuff Manager’ Apps Together

In the world of comfort and luxury, people tend to make more purchases. Isn’t it difficult to track them? And how good it would be if you have your stuff well organized? Sometimes unorganized stuff creates unnecessary stress. 

Regardless of whether you live in a huge house or a comfortable abode, monitoring the stuff can be a tedious procedure. We are very concerned about where we invest our money & how we spend it. With increasing purchases, it is essential to keep track of your things, be it a small or large purchase.

Do you wish to keep track of your products? Isn’t it beneficial to store the information like where and when you have bought the product? How much does the product costs? Or maybe you have received some products as gifts. We should admit that we need a helping hand in organizing our lives, and organizing stuff is one of the steps to climb the ladder.

Just imagine how productive and timesaving it would be if you can enlist all your stuff at one place with all of its information? Won’t it be the best way to track all your stuff? If yes then, there is a surprise for you.

With digital advancement, the solution to this problem lies in your hand. Yes, you heard it right! We are here with the two amazing apps named: My Stuff Manager and Auto Stamper.

Whenever you buy a new product you wish to note its purchase date and time, expiry date, store location from where you have purchased it and so on. So with the Auto Stamper App and My Stuff Manager app, your urge can be fulfilled. Let’s have a glance at how will they benefit you!

First, let’s talk about the importance of the Auto Stamper App. It’s one of the best and widely used apps to watermark your images with the stamps like Date & Time stamp, Location stamp, Sequence stamp, and Signature Stamp. So, you can take pictures of every new important purchase and customize them with these amazing stamps.

â—‡ The date & time stamp will help you to note the exact duration of purchase.

â—‡ GPS stamp will help the user to note the exact store/shop location.

â—‡ The sequence stamp will help you to number the product images.

On the other hand, ‘My Stuff Manager’ will help you to organize your valuable belongings in the easiest manner. This personal asset management app allows the user to create various categories to enlist their stuff. Some of the main features of the app are:

â—‡ Store pricing details of the purchases.

â—‡ The purchase date can be noted.

â—‡ Warranty reminder notifies a user when a product’s warranty is about to end.

â—‡ Users can add a photo of the product for easy recognition.

â—‡ It allows users to add GPS location of the place from where the purchase has been done.

â—‡ ‘Lend’ and ‘Borrow’ feature will help the user to keep track of, to whom they have landed or borrowed the things.

What if you lost the stuff information by chance? In that case, don’t worry. The app has an important feature called back-up and restore data. Easy social media sharing is also provided in the app.

Both of these apps have their own importance in managing the stuff. With ‘Auto Stamper’, you can take pictures of your products with customized stamps and can use these images in ‘My Stuff Manager’ to store as your product information. 

Now, if you are a traveler and love to discover new places, then this app will surely be a boon for you. Nowadays traveling has become simpler than earlier days. It has become an important part of modern life and more and more people travel these days.

With My Stuff Manager App, you can enlist all the required products you need to bring with you so that you don’t miss any important thing. This app allows you to make a separate category for the purpose. While traveling we don’t collect things, we collect memories and we never want to forget it. When you travel it's impossible that you return without shopping. We can enlist these products with stamped images in the ‘My Stuff Manager’ app and can track them from time to time.

They say, “To keep life organized one should keep their surroundings well organized.” People aren’t born organized, they are built by cultivating healthy habits. I am sure these apps will surely serve your purposes by easing your stress from unorganized stuff.