The Insider's Guide to Auto Stamper and My Stuff Manager

We all love to buy the products we like! The product we bought can be for our luxury, or for our comfort or need. While going for shopping, we ignore the miscellaneous expenses we made and at the end, we don’t realize where all the expenses have been made. You too have experienced it, isn’t it?

Many times you desire to record expenses you incurred while purchasing any stuff. You’ll think to note down all these stuff somewhere and isn’t it great to have a record of the item you bought?

For this purpose, we have to do a lot of paperwork and by noting down all these stuff details either in a notebook or record book. Well, what if I tell you, our apps My Stuff Manager and Auto Stamper can help you to manage these in an easy way! So, what exactly these applications are? What can they do? Let’s check this out!

My Stuff Manager helps you to add details of the stuff in the app. You can also add a photo of the product either by taking photos or by choosing one from gallery. Moreover, you can add warranty details of the stuff you purchased and even get notified when the warranty is about to get over.

Main Features of My Stuff Manager app:

  • Easily keep a track of all your stuff

  • Add the price you have paid for it

  • Add the Purchase Date

  • Add Warranty details

  • Add the place from where you’ve bought 

  • Add the additional details inside

  • Lend/Borrow option to find “Where’s My Stuff”

  • Get to know since how long have you been using that stuff

How about taking stamped photos of products from Auto Stamper and storing them in My Stuff Manager? Amazing! Let's discuss, how can you do that!

Auto Stamper is an application that helps you to add stamp on the photos which you have captured from the camera. The Auto stamper provides the features of Date & Time stamp, Location stamp, Sequence stamp, Watermark Logo stamp, and Signature stamp.

What’s the role of these features? What can they do?

Here are the main features of Auto Stamper app!

  1. Date & Time Stamp: It helps to put date and time on the photo you capture.

  1. Signature Stamp: You can write any text or words on photographs as per your convenience and insert it where you want, with attractive color, font and text combinations.

  1. Location Stamp: You can add preferred GPS Geolocation stamp (Current or Custom) on your Pictures when you are at some exotic location.

  1. Watermark Logo Stamp:  Using this functionality, you can mark your photographs as a copyright protected one. 

  1. Sequence Stamp: You can add a sequence number to the photos you capture from the camera.

Now the question arises, how can you use both of them together, such that it benefits you to the maximum by using them simultaneously? Let’s dig in to the solution.

Suppose, you are buying any product. Now, you can avoid making notes for storing those product's details, as these apps provide you the same facility, but in a trendy way!

Simply click the product’s photo and add date & time stamp through Auto Stamper. Then, by using My Stuff Manager app, add product’s details such as price, warranty, or any other thing.

Are you thinking that these applications allows you to add only few things? A Big Noooo! Let’s see another scenario.

Consider, you bought something from the store you are visiting for the first time. Now capture the stuff picture, using Photo Stamping application to add location stamp. So it can help you to remember the place. Through My Stuff Manager app, include additional description about the stuff.

Cases where you can use both of them together:

CASE I: For example, you have purchased a purse. Now by using the Auto Stamper app, you can add datetime stamp or any of your preferred stamp on that purse’s photo and at the same time by using My Stuff Manager app, add purse details like product price, shop name, discount rate, etc. in the app.

CASE II: In another case, if you are traveling somewhere and you really like the place from where you have bought the product, then by using Location Stamp, you can add that exact location on the photo and by using My Stuff Manager app you can write the details of the product as well.

So these are a few examples, where you can use both of these apps together. 

In conclusion, both of these apps can help you to organize the stuff that you have purchased! By using Auto Stamper app, instantly add stamps on the photo by capturing it and using My Stuff Manager, add product details like price, warranty, shop name, discount rate, etc.

Easy! Ain’t it? 😉

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