One more feature added and Auto Stamper became 5 In 1 Stamp App.

Yes yes, you hear it right! AutoStamper is having 5 inbuilt Auto Stamps available at your Service at the same time, same place and on the same screen.

People associated with Travel or adventure can relate with location stamp, while people who are particular with their Organization Skills will love to have date time stamp with their every picture.

At the same time, People having Online businesses can get used to Sequence numbering Stamps.

For different Photography purposes, you can utilize Stamps from available options, styles, sizes, colors. Of course, you are getting good options to let your picture speak out more Information.

5 stamps are as given below :

  1. Date Time Stamp

  2. Signature Stamp

  3. Watermark Logo

  4. GPS Stamp

  5. Sequence Stamp

1. Date Time Stamp: 

You can add date and time to your Picture simply having this tag. Select your favorite style from the list of options, and you are all set to have this Stamp ready for your pictures Perfect. Once you get it on Board, it works Automatically to make your Memory more specific with date & Time glowing on the pic.

2. Signature Stamp:

Whether You want to put your name, Your Company’s name or any Copyright text of yours as a Signature to your Pictures. You can take help from Signature Stamp as add-ons. You can Put your Website or Blog’s name as your sign too.

3. Watermark Logo:

You can choose Logo from options available in App or can also attach Custom Logo from the gallery. As a Symbol to make your picture distinct and with Identity of yours.

You can change the position and adjust your logo on the screen as per your requirement or choice.

4. GPS Stamp:

This stamp will auto search and put your Location to the picture. So wherever you will be, your picture will speak out your Location. In the future it will help you to recollect your family, but also in the present when you share your picture on any global platform, people will come to know about the location.

➤Recently Added Sequence Stamp:

Add Numbers to your selected Pictures to arrange and organize them in a certain way.

You can add numbers to infinite numbers of pictures by using this stamp. 

Either you want to arrange pictures for Slam Book or to create a photo sequence for Your business, you are one step away from having sequence stamp activated.

With Sequence Stamp, You can change total numbers of Sequence, can Increase or decrease Sequence Numbering,  can add a Prefix and Suffix, can set how many repeats you want, Can set maximum or Minimum Limits to your Sequence. And of course, you have options of Size, Style, position, and Colors to format Sequence Stamp.

✎ Sequence numbers:  

How great it’ll be if users can put text alongside the sequence numbers? Isn’t it?

This application permits including Prefix and Suffix next to the number sequence.

✎ Sequence Type: 

This app is totally smooth in arranging photos either in increasing or decreasing orders! 

This functionality can be beneficial for prioritizing the images by assigning them an ascending or descending numbers.

✎ Sequence Prefix & Suffix:  

How great it’ll be if users can put text alongside the sequence numbers? Isn’t it?

This application permits including Prefix and Suffix next to the number sequence.

✎Sequence Repeat:

How about repeating a particular number series? This app gives an option to repeat the desired number sequence.

✎Sequence number Limit:

Enter Maximum or Minimum Limits you want to put for your Sequencing, basically, it is like setting a boundary to your Sequence Numbers

Want to see how your picture looks like after adding a Sequence stamp to it?

Example of Sequence Numbering stamp

What can be more magnificent than getting all these five stamps in a single application!

And of course, it’s up to you, Where and when do you want to use which Stamps, as you can use stamps in n number of ways to make your memories more specific, more organized, more Outspoken.

Another interesting fact is the Edits. You can edit Size, Color, Style, and Position of your Stamps and can give it a customized feel. Yes, it sounds amazing, right? 

So get ready to explore this App and Stamps. Download  Auto Stamper : Best Stamping Camera Application. Happy Stamping!