Mark up your successfully Organized Events with Auto Stamper

An Event organizer or many times called as event planners are the person who arranges and plans all aspects which are required and involved in organizing an event. The meet the clients and understands the agenda and expectations which they want from the event. This is very creative field where so many things need to be kept in mind for its successful completion and up to the mark of the client. 

Now, photography which is one of the great and most crucial part in the field of event management. When you organize any event, photography is fundamental which can help to get new clients as past event pictures can demonstrate your work in a perfect manner along with all the insides of your work. This is because the planners can showcase their work in the best way only through the source of photography so that the client can get the glimpse of the work as well as the management. 

They might surely have Facebook pages or websites or something else through which they can regularly share the images of their work. Now, you might be wondering that how can this be done? Let me tell you that it is very much easy here as Auto Stamper is one of the application that will manage your photography by stamping images with Date and Time (as and when), Signature (add text to photo) and GPS (Location) Stamp or you can also make customization's to stamps as you want them in your photographs.


Wedding Diaries Information for Successful Event Management

Date and time Stamp:

This is one of the most wished and which is therefore being made available stamp with Auto Stamper. Date Timestamp when watermarked on photo can help you as well as the viewer’s get an idea about the day of the event that took place and useful for sharing them online especially. This is one of the best ways to remember the WHEN moment, which will eliminate the stress of remembering it or accessing the database to get the time when the event took place.

Signature Stamp:

Signature are available in so many different forms like adding and briefing up the moment or describing them as cluster of words or phrases that exemplify the  event in beautifully manner. Adding text to photo is very much useful and is accessible with Auto Stamper easily with allowable personalization. For example, a wedding anniversary ceremony is one of the event which took place recently and you are clicking photos of that event. So just think over that when you stamp those images with moments like 25th Anniversary celebration (or Silver Jubilee) which demonstrates the event in stunning way. Signature can be in the form of trademark, name, company name, logo and many more.

So make your event beautiful and perfect for sharing as well as collecting them with personalized Signature stamp.

GPS (Global Positioning System) Stamp:

GPS as we all know that it is one of the most used system in the smartphone today, which has made many of the locations related work easy and convenient. Geotagging location is very much casual on social media which is done by people every now and then when they rejoice some new location or places that are trending. Auto Stamper eradicates needs of location tag when you share them as of now you can directly add location/GPS stamp on the image. So, stamp the location of the event that took place so that clients as well as interested people can come to know about the event location easily while looking at the image itself.

Auto Stamper also allows you to make variations in stamps that is stamp format, font, color, size, position, etc., which can be decided depending on the look & feel of the image background and theme. This will make your image look astonishing along with the stamp on the image which can be embellished as per user want.

There are so many things to look over as event organizer which includes great Creativity, Flexibility, proper Organization, budgeting as per Customer requirements, time management, etc. So folks, click amazing shots and stamp them with Auto Stamper and expand your work enthusiastically. Also, upload these pictures online which can help your business grow simultaneously.

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