Keeping a Record Book to Note Things while Shopping? Not Any More!

We love to purchase the product we like. The product we purchased can be for our lavishness, or for our ease or need. While going shopping, we overlook the different costs we made and in the end, we don't recognize where all the expenses have been made. Isn't this thing that arises with you too? 

Generally, you want to record costs you acquired while obtaining any stuff. You'll think to note down all this stuff at someplace and isn't it incredible to have a record of the product you purchased?

For this purpose, we do a great deal of administrative work and note down various details in a record book. Well, what if I tell you, our applications My Stuff Organizer and Auto Stamper can assist you with managing this in a simple way. So, what precisely these applications are? What would they do? Let’s see this!

Where will you keep the new stuff if you don’t have enough space in your wardrobe? Now, you can easily compare the items you already have in your wardrobe and its purchase details with the ones you want to buy. Don’t do extra shopping of things you don’t need right now. Wouldn’t it help to keep enough space for the new clothes if you organize your closet. My Stuff Organizer encourages you to include details of the stuff in the application. You can also add a photo of the item either by taking photographs or by picking one from the album. In addition, you can include warranty details of the stuff you acquired and even get notified when the warranty is going to get over.

Fundamental features of this Closet Organizer application: 

  • Easily keep a track of all your stuff

  • Get to know your stuff age

  • Add the price you paid for it

  • Add the Purchase Date

  • Add Warranty details

  • Add the place from where you’ve bought 

  • Add the additional details inside

How about taking stamped photos of items you’ve bought from Auto Stamper and putting them in My Stuff Organizer? Astounding, isn't? So, let's discuss the importance of the Auto Stamper App.

Auto stamper is an application that assists you to add stamp on the photographs that you have captured from the camera. The Auto Stamper provides the features of Date & Time Stamp, Location Stamp, Sequence Stamp, Watermark Logo Stamp, and Signature Stamp. 

So what's the job of these features? What would they be able to do? 

Primary Features of Auto Stamper Timestamp Camera application: 

  • Sequence Stamp: You can add a sequence number to the photos you capture from the camera.

  • Date & time stamp: It helps to put date and time on the photo you capture.

  • Signature Stamp: You can write any text or words on photographs as per your convenience and insert it where you want, with attractive color, font, and text combinations.

  • Location stamp: You can add preferred GPS Geo-location stamp (Current or Custom) on your Pictures when you are at some exotic location.

  • Watermark Logo Stamp:  Using this functionality, you can mark your photographs as a copyright protected one. 

So, how might you utilize both of these applications together, so that it benefits you the most by utilizing them at the same time? Well, here's the answer to your concern. 

Suppose, you are purchasing a product. With these applications, you can avoid the paperwork as they help you with storing product details. Capture the product’s photograph and add date and time stamp through Auto Stamper. By using My Stuff Organizer application, you can add the product price and warranty details.

Why not use smart applications in your smartphone on-the-go while shopping? Try it NOW!

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