How to run Auto Stamper perfectly in Vivo Devices

Unlike other phones brand’s Vivo also boats a custom user interface on the top of Android termed as Funtouch OS. It was developed around the idea of simplicity. Launched in December 28, 2013, it is now running on 50 million Vivo devices.

Funtouch OS Provides high customizability providing users to get the most out of their phones. With so many merits there are certain demerits too. Funtouch OS fails to keep an app running in background after exiting it. In our case it is Auto Stamper.

Many times our desired stamps are not added to the photos after closing the app. Below listed are some of methods which can solve this problem. Have a look!

Method 1 (Locking App):

1. Open Recent Task Manager(Multi-task tray) that shows all your app’s running in the background.

2. To keep Auto Stamper Application running in the background long press app till you see Add to white list option.

3. Once you have added Auto Stamper to white list you will see lock logo on the top of app.

You're done. Now even if you clean all the application from multitasking Auto Stamper will keep working in the background.

Method 2 (Autostart):

1. Open i Manager

2. Now tap on App manager > Autostart manager.

3. Activate Auto Stamper allowing it to autostart in the background.

Method 3 (Power Manager):

1. Open i Manager

2. Now tap on Power manager > Excessive background battery usage.

3. Enable Auto Stamper for error-free stamping.

P.s  Our App does not consume unnecessary battery

All the methods listed above sums up all the possibilities which must be hindering your stamping experience. We would love to hear from you if the problem still persists.