How to run Auto Stamper perfectly in Oppo Devices?

Oppo’s version of custom UI is termed as Color OS which sits on the top of Android. It fulfills the feature which are lacking in Stock Android.

Color OS brings extensive customizations along with a neat user interface. Oppo has worked hard on battery optimisation as a result added tons of Power Saving Features for users.

Due to this tweaks in battery areas, Colour OS does not keep apps in the background for a long time. That is a huge hinder when it comes to smooth working of Auto Stamper. 

Auto Stamper needs to work in the background to provide you seamless stamping experience. If you are experiencing problems like stamps not adding to photos then you are at right place.

Below we have prepared a list of methods to keep Auto Stamper running in the background. Do Check it out!

Method 1 (Locking App):

1. Open Recent Task Manager(Multi-task tray) that shows all your app’s running in the background.

2. To keep Auto Stamper Application running in the background you have to drag the app downwards. This will lock the app

3. Once you have locked the app you will see lock icon on the top left corner.

You're done. Now even if you clean all the application from multitasking Auto Stamper will keep working in the background.

Method 2 (Startup Manager):

1  Open Security App.

2. Tap on Privacy Permissions

3. Find Startup Manager

4. Select Auto Stamper to autostart in background

NOTE: Auto Stamper is not a battery draining application. It just needs to be kept open in the background in order to function properly.

Everything mentioned above was a bit time taking but worthwhile to grab. I hope that the above-mentioned points have sought out all your stamping related issues.  We would love to hear from you if the problem still persists.