How to run Auto Stamper perfectly in Mi Devices

MIUI is one of the largest Android Operating System modified by Xiaomi, with more than 2.8 billion devices running this ROM. It has an amazing user interface and lots of great features which are exclusive to this ROM.

But apart from this, there are some bottlenecks in MIUI when it comes to keep app running in the background which affects its performance. For eg, Auto Stamper

Whenever you remove Auto Stamper from the multitasking tray, MIUI force closes it in the background due to which stamps are not added on your captured Photographs

Clearing app cache and closing background apps are two of the most effective ways to improve the performance of your phones and battery. But some apps need to be running in the background to work effectively like Auto Stamper.

Below listed are some of the Methods applying which, you will be able to run Auto Stamper application smoothly on your Mi Device. Check it out!

Method 1 (Locking App):

STEP 1: Open Recent Task Manager (Multi-task tray) that shows all your app’s running in background.

STEP 2: To keep Auto Stamper Application running in the background you have to drag the app downwards till you see two options i.e. Lock and Info.

STEP 3: Press the lock option to lock Auto Stamper in background. Make sure there is blue lock tick on the right hand top corner of Auto Stamper.

You're done. Now even if you clean all the application from multi tasking Auto Stamper will keep working in background.

Below are some other methods if Method 1 doesn't work for you.

Method 2 (Battery Optimisation):

STEP 1: Go to Setting > Battery > Manage apps battery usage.

STEP 2: In Manage apps battery usage click on Choose apps and find Auto Stamper.

STEP 3: Select No restrictions option. It will add Auto Stamper in Custom tab.

Now MIUI won’t restrict Auto Stamper for Battery optimisation.

Method 3 (Autostart):

STEP 1: Go to Setting > Permissions > Autostart.

STEP 2: Tick Auto Stamper.

Now Auto Stamper will autostart providing you error free stamping.

Method 4 (Granting Permissions):

STEP 1: Go to Setting > Permissions > Other permissions

STEP 2: Select Auto Stamper.

STEP 3: Grant all the permissions to Auto Stamper by green ticking all the options to make sure error free stamping.

Winding up this blog we have covered all the available methods for Mi devices to provide you error free stamping. We would love to hear from you if the problem still persists.

Auto Stamper Team