GPS Stamp


Add a GPS Stamp to your Images when you are celebrating something special at a divine exotic location that drives insane reollections of those memories on a road after few years. Checkout the benefits of GPS Stamp beneath!

Stamp format

Adjust the format of GPS stamp from “Custom Location Text, Latitude Longitude or Manual Selection from Area, State, City and Country” as per your wish.

No More tagging

Tagging location while posting image is no more required as GPS stamp will mark location on the image itself when you snap them.

Unique Look and feel

Create your own location stamp that can make your image look unique with stamp which you can share on social media and get maximum likes.


Re-experience moments that you spent at so many exotic locations and relive them by viewing those images.

Travel Memories

Extraordinary travel diary is now possible of your traveling memories that you have explored so far. Rejoice them whenever you wish to.  


Customize stamp format by selecting stamp size, color, position and format as per picture background to give it unique appearance.  

Advantage of Date and Time Stamp

Have a look at some of the best Examples in according to Stamps for GPS / Location by Auto Stamper.

Area, City, State, Country

Let the pictures of places that you visited be more live with location stamp on it in the form of Area/ City/ State/ Country which you will give you an opportunity to relive those places and times again in life joyfully.

Latitude / Longitude

Images become more proper and professional when you can have a perfect Geo location tagged on it in the form of Latitude / Longitude as per your events needs and deeds.

Custom Location Text

Vacations are meant for enjoyment with family and friends and by adding a custom location stamp on your Images, you make sure that the captured clicks are made immortal.