Freelancers! Copyright your Work and show off your Photography skills

Freelancing is something which means working for yourself and fulfilling the dreams where there are satisfaction, freedom and no burden on the shoulder like looking for timings every day that is to be followed and much other stuff. But the life of freelancing is not easy and is not a cup of tea for everyone to get succeed. 

So, to help Freelance Photographers for carrying their work effectively is to watermark images with date and time, signature and GPS (Global Positioning System) using an Auto Stamper application which is available for Android as well as iOS users. It’s a great opportunity for freelancing photographers as they can showcase their work damn easily with Auto Stamper. 

It can be said that work of freelancing is one of the best chance for photographers as they have the freedom of working from home where they have the ability to pick and bring innovation and creativity in their work and make their photography appealing. 

Freelancers! Copyright your Work and show off your Photography skills

The Portfolio is created to showcase their work effectively, which should be easily accessible online as well as offline. For photographers, a portfolio is said to be one of the strongest ways to highlight your work and also skills to have a series of projects and have a Great career.

Freelancing photographers might have blog websites and if not, then you need to have blogs where you can post daily about various tactics so when you start your career in this field than make a habit of taking pictures and post them to blogs which is one of the effective ways along with adding signature stamp on it in the form of name, trademark, company logo and many other which will add security when they are shared online.

Below are Connotation of stamps with respect to Photos along with its  persuasiveness:

Date and Time Stamp:

When images are posted with the date time watermark on it, will give readers as well as viewers the idea about WHEN the image was captured. This is one stamp which is called universal as it is required in one way or the other to get the duration and its glimpse. Also, this can be said as the solution to the problem of stressing the mind every time to remember the time when the image was snapped.  

Signature Stamp:

Yes, I do agree that DSLR picture quality is incomparable with that of mobile snaps, but with advancements taking place every new day it has become possible to capture amazing images with a smartphone with a personalized signature stamp on it as well as add text or cluster of words on images. Watermarking images are also one of the very effective ways that can be used for better Photography.

GPS (Global Positioning System) Stamp:

Also called as Location stamp is something which is unique and not available with many applications, but Auto Stamper has been accessible for you in most easy manner. WHERE the photo is captured is of really very crucial to know about people, whether it’s a photographers or viewers. Photograph, when stamped with the location, looks more articulate to convey the things which are meant to deliver with the help of the pictures. 

Freelancers! Copyright your Work and show off your Photography skills

Photographers prefer to increase their visibility of photos by sharing pictures clicked by them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. So if those photos are marked with the name (add text to photos) and location, i.e. to have a name or sign along with the location where you clicked that image can be of great help. 

This will also add value to it so stealing and misuse problem can be reduced at the same time. In my opinion, Auto Stamper is best photo stamper application available which can be made used and also provides all of the above-mentioned features and available for both Android as well as iOS users.

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