Civil Engineers! Keep track of your Work and Updates easily with Auto Stamper

Civil engineers are a kind of person who is involved in the construction and design work of commercial and residential developments irrespective in large or small projects. Execution of the program will need regular field visits to be carried out at regular intervals to take it to successful completion. 

As we all know that to build great monuments, constant focus is needed that can help to achieve greatness in the work and fruitful completion of projects. So here are some of the things that specifies the vitals of photography for civil engineers. As civil engineers develop and sustain a variety of infrastructures for which they work with large amounts of detailed data which might have gathered from various sources.

Have you ever thought how can photograph would help to civil engineers? You might not and that’s why I’m here to help you out.


Construction Work updates and Information with Date and Time stamp

The plan is something which is to be carried out that can help to get the glimpse in almost every field. Civil engineering is a wide as well as creative field where engineers need to gauge each and every of the small insides like durability of the materials being used till the remedies which will take part in terms of environmental situations.

While images are captured by you, brief out images with some of the watermarks that can help you get idea about the situation effectively like auto date and time stamp, signature (which describes the situation in short terms or adding short phrases or text to photos) and location or geolocation stamp. Also, variations can be made effective as per the want and needs of the stamps and detailing. 

This can help, especially when there is some higher authority involved in finalizing things or reports need to be generated for a record. So, he/she will be required to take the initiative to look over to the situation and also carry out the reports and record of the events for approval where to capture photos will be of great help along with details on the image that will avoid the explanation work and time will be managed at the same time.

Date and Time Stamp:

The most expected and crucial stamp available with Auto Stamper and it is also the only stamp which is universal called Date Time Stamp which helps you reach the answer of “WHEN” easily by eliminating the write up or noting down processes or stressing the mind in reminding the moment. Perfect usage of this stamp will help you in wide range of situations. There are so many classic formats available that can make your image look appropriate for presentation.

Signature Stamp:

Add text or clusters or phrases to photo about the situation for which image has been snapped. For instance, capture the image and mark on it “Drainage Issue” or “Leakage Issue” which will let the authority know that steps for this problem has taken place and so there might be delay in other execution work as drainage problem need to be solved as priority so that other damages does not take place. This is just an instance which can help you know the importance of signature stamp.

There are many other uses of signature stamp like trademark, company name, sign, and many other customizations which can help in so many wide areas at the same time protect and secure your image sharing which has been done for promotion work.

GPS (Global Positioning System) Stamp:

GPS has taken its own place now a days and which is required by almost everyone. Adding location along with various customizations like longitude or latitude and also optioning from area | city | state | country can help you make different variations in format as per your requirement. GPS Stamp is important as there is not only one project going which needs to be completed, there are many other works involved. So location stamp has its own significance which cannot be replaced by any other.

Civil Engineer taking a picture for Work Update

So folks, here is the perfect solution for you and right time to know the Importance of briefing. There are so many pic apps available in the market which facilitates with one or another functionality which makes image look better. Auto Stamper is one among those apps which is rated #1 as photo stamping application and has been appreciated by many civil engineers. Happy Capturing and stamping images!!

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