Car Dealers! Track the condition of Vehicles with Auto Stamper

Vehicles are important sources for transportation. In today's world, people are more prone to using vehicles for even short distances and avoid walking due to which buying and selling have increased a lot. Many people do search and browse online to get the listing of cars as well as two wheelers, whether they are new or second hand for buying purposes. 

So, the concerned person post photos of vehicles which can be known as a full frame for the buyer to get an idea about the condition and various other stuff. So, this can be best done with Auto Stamper application which watermark the photos with date time stamp, signature (briefing up conditions or the amount) stamp as well as the location stamp which has been made available with android as well as iOS users.

Of course, there is going to be number of photos that are uploaded, but they might not be perfect showing upon the condition every time. Photograph play an important role to make your vehicle seem appealing which can convince the buyer rather than poor photos will make your property less appealing to a buyer. So, to make it better following are some of the tips that can show up the detailing of the vehicles on the images itself and turns to sell them more quickly as per your want.  Here, you don’t need to be an expert photographer, but you just need to create an effective car listing photos.                              

In today’s date, the best option to capture photos is to pull out the mobile phone which is mostly available from your pocket or purses and start clicking images for whatsoever the purpose is. As when you purchase smartphone, priority is given to the camera which is going to click and help you get better photos. Photography apps are developed in large quantities which, when used makes a difference in your photos coming into sight. 

One of the best picture application and also #1 rated photo stamp is Auto Stamper that provides functionalities which has not been made accessible by any other application yet. This will add value to your images as personalized signature stamp can be created with the app and stamped on the image as and when needed, which will secure your images online and reduces the cases of misuse especially.

Let’s look out the significance of the stamps with respect to pictures  of Reselling vehicles:

Arrival Condition for MSSNC000

Date and Time Stamp:

If you have a garage or a company that do resell the vehicles than noting the date and time stamp on photo is very much beneficial. This can showcase the WHEN moment in the perfect way so that the buyer can also get the idea of the details and the moment when the vehicles came. Photos taken along with auto date time stamp is more likely for the buyer to know its arrival. 

Signature Stamp:

Reselling vehicles need to be advertised along with specifying the conditions that can let the buyers know about the vehicle. Now, to exemplify effectively, Auto Stamper comes with signature stamp which can be watermark images in different forms like name, logo, trademark, or adding text or clusters of text to photo which can be said as briefing the details. So, Reselling vehicles is made easy and efficient with signature stamp along with customizations to format of the stamp.

GPS (Global Positioning System) Stamp:

GPS as we all know has its own weight, which is incomparable. Whether its related to tagging location or tracking, GPS has made many of the works easy and convenient. Auto Stamper allows to tag location on the image itself and this will make your photo stand out among the crowded online listings which are in enormous quantity. So, location stamp is one of the good choices using which you can also make variations to it like selection between longitude and latitude or Area | City | State | Country.

Arrival Condition of Vehicle with Date and Time Stamp

Make your reselling of vehicles easy and fast by making use of Auto Stamper application for your mobile photography which watermark images with different stamps by adjusting its format like color, size, position, font type, etc. This custom stamps will make your images look perfect stamps. Thus, download the application and make your reselling vehicles efficient

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