Auto Stamper Update – New Design and Stunning Features!

With your kind appreciation and support, today Auto Stamper has crossed more than 500k+ downloads and it is one of the biggest and wonderful achievements that we had.

As you know, importance is always given to your requirements and so we decided to give an update to the app with more enriched features and a completely new design of which you can check a glimpse beneath!

Excited to know and use these new features? Well, before taking much of your time let’s unfold the suspense right here right now.

This will be a Beta Version of the Application so maybe some services may not work correctly. If you want to get an early access of all these features you can become a BETA tester too. (Only for First 1000 users who join in) 

  • Smartphone users click here to become a BETA Tester

How can you become a BETA Tester for Auto Stamper - Smartphone Users

  • Website users click here to become a BETA Tester

How to become Auto Stamper BETA Tester for Website users

Features that you will get in New Auto Stamper app update

1. Watermark Logo

Till now you have surely enjoyed Date and Time, Signature and GPS stamp at its best. Now it's time for one more feature which is watermark logo which has its own significance and a wide range of usages that can benefit you.

You might have a wish to stamp your company logo or trademark on all the photos that are snapped by you. As you know your wish and requirement has been always our priority which is the reason that Auto Stamper has developed and made available watermark logo as one of the updated features just for you.

Wanted to know how it works? Well, it's very simple just click on Watermark logo after which you will be asked to add the new logo or use existing one. Depending on your preference, choose and add the logo and make your identification easy for all the pictures.

2. Design Enhancements

User interface assumes critical part as it can be considered entry level impression. The more elegant and easy to use is the interface, it will be more appreciated and preferable for users. Thus, auto stamper has been made available now with new design enhancements that you will surely love to use.

More features have been made employed in the application which will make you more inquisitive and anxious to utilize the application in your day to day life. Enhancement had been made to make application's use more easy and flexible for you.

3. Language Change Option

Language choice and accessibility is different for every person depending upon their affability. Looking forward to this, language choice is now what you can choose from the application itself.

Language is something which is the most important part of our being which is the reasoning behind Auto Stamper giving you language choice option.

4. FAQ

There might have occurred a situation where you need to google out or try to find some of your doubts or questions online to get a solution for the same. This happens many times while using applications also due to which the FAQ (frequently asked questions) should be added as one of the options to the app to clear out things from the app which you are currently using.

Auto Stamper has made accessible FAQ area in the application where if you have any doubt or you get stuck while using it, you get answers at the very moment you are making use of it. This saves not only your time but also solve the issues which are faced by you by making use of the app.

5. Blog

The blog is basically created to let you all keep updated about the discounts, features, tips and other updates that we will be offering in the Application. It will help us to deepen the product/company and customer relationship from the comfort

We sincerely hope that you all love our new updates and features in the Application. Feel free to get back to us if there are any issues of suggestions. #HappyStamping

6. Improved Performace

We have eradicated all the minor and major bug issues related to stamping, performance, and crashes of the Application to give you a perfect stamp on your Image with the accuracy of position and other stamping factors. 

We sincerely hope that you all will enjoy our new Features and Updates. Do share your view below in comments.

 Auto Stamper Team

David Malan

May 24 2024

Amazing Design Update and a Great Feature of Watermark. I am a PRO user and I have been using this App for a long time and i must say it works like extreme for me! Waiting for the BETA launch to get an early access.

Elysse Katherine

May 24 2024

You guyz rocked it once again with this Update. Was looking for something new and got it!! Eagerly waiting for BETA access

Barbara Buckman

May 24 2024

Great app

Hairuddin Mohd Sogian

May 24 2024

Very usefulness