Advertise Discounts on your Shops and Stores Products effectively

There are so many different categories of shops and stores available which we go through in our daily lives to buy things for our use. Every consumer loves discounts and sales through which they can make savings. And so every dealer wish to have maximum people become aware of it and so ways to do advertisement better need to be found daily. 

One of those ways is making use of Auto Stamper application which watermark photos with date and time, signature and GPS (Global Positioning System) stamp which is most required to be known in every field.  

Great opportunity for both the stores and the consumers now, where retailers and store owners can let customers know about the discounts and sales that are going to take place just by clicking the pictures of the things on which they are going to add offers. 

Advertise Discounts on your Shops and Stores Products effectively

Great opportunity for stores owners to increase their selling and at the same time make consumers aware about the same by adding details on the images which includes WHEN, WHY as well as WHERE the offers are taking place. App also allows adding custom stamps through which you can design your own customization with Auto Stamper as per image background and theme that can match the image perfectly and make it noticeable and stand out in the crowd.

For example, mega store in your nearby area is putting so many offers every weekend and you want to get benefitted by it. The store owners will capture the images of the things on which discounts are going to place by stamping the price (signature stamp), date and time as well the location (GPS Stamp/Geolocation tag) which will help consumers get a better idea about the details. 

This can be said as the perfect way of making people know what and on which products the discounts and savings are going to take place as well as the best advertising source for the dealers or store owners who are placing the offers. So making use of Auto Stamper application which is rated #1 as a photo stamp app in the market as it provides the features that are not being made available by any another application yet.

Most shops and store whether it is related to clothing or electronics or mega stores, advertise online through Facebook pages or by text messages and many other sources is very common and trending. The best option to make people aware of the sales and discounts today is through online sources as people are more connected through social media and online marketing sites. So, posting pictures online will give the option to hold sales and making most out of this. 

Once you’ve done this, start sending out text messages so that if they are connected to the internet, they can search for the products online and visit the store for the same. Taking amazing photos of your products, and writing descriptive (briefing up data as a signature stamp or also can be said as adding text to photos), along with date time stamp will be beneficial.

Why Auto Stamper?

Advertise Discounts on your Shops and Stores Products effectively

There has been a review by one of our user who is involved in the field of sales and market department. The concerned person contacted us and gave feedback about how he got benefitted with Auto Stamper application and how his sales got increased by using the application which motives us to write for the same and make every of the person who is part of shops and stores know about Auto Stamper. 

There are so many applications in the market related to photography which provides features for editing, framing, filtering and many other. Auto Stamper is different and offers the best and most needed features that is helpful to make your mobile photography better along with social sharing.

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