SOLVED: How to add date stamp and timestamp to your Photos (jpg, jpeg) quickly?

Ever wondered why you scratch your head while rolling out Photos of any past trip or memories? That is because we have such a wide range of photos available in our photo album and we have a busy schedule where we don’t remember when, why and where was pictures captured

Photography is that art which is first captured by eyes and then snapped. Photography is accessible to every individual in a different manner. Some do as a profession, some as a hobby while others snap as part of remembrance which is wished to be recalled for a long time.

There are two ways by which you can add a date and time stamp, copyright signature, GPS and logo watermark to your Photographs. Check it out beneath what are you looking for!

1) Add Datestamp and Timestamp to Camera Photos

2) Add Datestamp and Timestamp to Gallery Photos

A photograph is something which has already been snapped by the human eye and now it needs to be represented in the form of hard copy or soft copy depending upon the requirement.

1) Add Datestamp and Timestamp to Camera Photos

Auto Stamper: Timestamp Camera for Photos is one of the best photo stamping app available for Android users who wants to add a Date stamp and Time stamp on their Photographs and wants to rejoice their precious and happy moments beautifully for a lifetime.

The best advantage of using Auto Stamper as your Datestamp and Timestamp Camera is that you can click Photographs with your Smartphone's Inbuilt Camera only using all the filters, panorama, continuous shots and many others functionalities as it is. This eliminates the need to open the application and snap pictures with an app’s camera or any of those fancy kinds of stuff.

Along with this, variations in stamp formats like stamp color, size, style, and position can be adjusted as per your requirements which make it much more worthy to use. Just a small setup is required in the beginning and preferred stamp will be added automatically on your Photographs

How to add Date and Time stamp through Auto Stamper - Feature


  • Date and Time Stamp

The most crucial question that your mind strives is "WHEN" the moment/photo was captured, which is the reason that Date and Time stamp is called as a Universal stamp. No more stress as with Auto Stamper which provides a wide range of date timestamp format which you can opt as per your image look and feel and give your image perfect remembrance.

  • Signature Stamp

Another stamp which will Save your Priceless moments stunningly is Signature Stamp. Adding text to photo can be done in so many forms like a trademark, name, sign and much other as part of the signature stamp. Perfect usage of this stamp is to capture the moment with a Text that describes it and make them enduring to exult those priceless moments in your life.

  • GPS Stamp

Untill now you might have used GPS for location tracking and other stuff. But now with advancing technologies why not watermark images with GPS Stamp and make them dazzling along with the exotic location where you have been. Auto Stamper is up with GPS stamp where you can add your current location on your Image with the variation of Latitude/Longitude and Custom Text.

  • Watermark logo

Identity is something which is wished by people to create whether it is a for photographer, startups or any other business. Watermarking logo has been made easy as Auto Stamper provides the feature to add logo watermark to photo as per your need and requirement.

Photographs are available in different formats, like jpeg, png, and many others. But, when you click an image from your smartphone they are in jpeg or jpg formats. Therefore, adding stamps to your jpeg or jpg photos will be extremely convenient as well as expeditious.

How to add Date and Time stamp through Auto Stamper - Preview


1) Open up the Application

2) Initiate Toggle to "ON" for Date stamp and Time stamp, Signature, GPS or Logo (whichever you want).

3) Choose Stamp Format, Color, Size and Position as per your Requirements

4) Open your Inbuilt Camera and start capturing Images. Preferred Date and Time stamp will be added Automatically

NOTE:- This is just a one-time setup. After that, you can capture as many Images you want and preferred stamp will be added automatically.

2) Add Datestamp and Timestamp to Gallery Photos

Add Text and Timestamp on Gallery Photos is the perfect solution for you if you want to add a date and time stamp or a customized signature text on your on your already captured Gallery Photos.

At once, you can add upto 3 stamps on your Gallery Images in the form of Date and Time, Signature Text or GPS. Check out the functionalities beneath!

How to add Date and Time stamp through Gallery Stamper - Feature


  • Date and Timestamp

For Datestamp and Timestamp, you have the luxury to insert stamp as Original or Custom or Current

- Original : Exact Date and Time on which the Image was captured will be inserted as a Stamp on the Photo,

- Custom : You can add any customized Date and Time stamp on the Image

- Current : Whatever the current date and time is will be inserted on the Image.

  • Customized Signature Stamp

You can add any customized text or words on your Gallery Photos as your copyright Signature stamp so that no one can use it without your permission. Also, you can use it to add a short catchy phrase on the Photo for remembrance of the moment.

  • GPS Stamp

Add a customized GPS Location Tag to your Gallery Photos stating where it was being snapped. You can add a location in the form of text like Area, City, State, Country. E.g, Street 12, NYC, New York, USA

How to add Date and Time stamp through Gallery Stamper - Preview

How to use?

1) Open up the Application

2) Initiate Toggle to "ON" for Date stamp and Time stamp, Signature or GPS (whichever you want).

3) Choose Stamp Format, Color, Size and Position as per your Requirements

4) Depending on your Requirements, choose the Images on which you want to add stamps (Min 1 and Max 10 at a time).

5) DONE. You will find your Stamped Images in the Gallery itself!

Features of Auto Stamper and Gallery Photo Stamper

- Manual Selection of Stamp Position from Horizontal or Vertical Position of 8 Corners

- More than 50+ Varieties in font formats to make the stamp look more elegant

- You can choose custom color for your stamps