Store your Adventurous Memories in exact progression that you lived.

Anything that gets your Blood Racing is probably worth doing. - Hunter Thompson

When did you last visit any Wildlife Sanctuary or National Park? Do you remember How many Wildlife creatures you had seen and captured? It’s always astonishing to spot lives other than Human, So different but still solely one. 

How often have you dreamt of Climbing Mountains or have you already experienced ever? If yes then you might have felt to capture your progress in climbing until you reach the peak. It feels so exciting to be at the top. And the journey itself brings lots of joy and thrill.

People who are adventurous enough are great planners as well, They plan things in mind and execute it very well. But adventurous trips always carry Surprises and thrill, as you never know what will happen next if you lost your way. For a well Planned Trip, I have one suggestion to make your memory lane last in same sequence that’s been lived to be forever. Recently in AutoStamper, one new feature got added. that’s Sequence Numbering Stamp. 

To share your Adventure Stories to the world, Now a days you have lots of platforms available where you can connect to people with the use of Media Elements like Text, Images, Videos. Blogs, PDFs. Current trending Social media platform is Instagram. Do you know why?

One Image speaks 1000 words. The best captured one engages us involving every emotion. And when you get an option to make your image more explanatory with words/Numbers engraved on it through Stamps! Then who will go and check for Captions?

Sequence Numbering Stamp will make you use your Android camera in a very effective way while you are busy experiencing Adventurous trips and clicking your favorite moments. Magic will happen in background automatically.

Put counts on images through Stamps and go on and on. You just need to Set your formats for Sequence Stamp once and then Sequence Stamp will automatically get the place on captured pictures from your default Camera. 

Here i am sharing two beautiful examples of applying Sequence Stamp in your Adventurous & thriller rides. 

During mountain climbing, see how you can use Sequence Stamp with every new click and can Store your path through clicks and Stamps.

Mountain climbing

The other one is of Most flashy Wildlife visit. As soon as you spot one Life, having Sequence Stamp on, you can count on it. Don’t you feel it’s worth counting as you can come across the number automatically of your meeting so many Unique Lives.


If you have found This interesting stamp worth for you, then must try and enjoy Stamping endlessly.

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