List out your products with Sequence Stamp

While sharing document files, you Add text to lead your listing, but when you have to connect with your Customer only with Images then Sequence numbering Stamp is the only solution to ease your engagements.

Tell me your Business and I will show you How effective Sequence Stamp can be to help you out. Nowadays, even retail storekeepers have started sending and posting product images to Social Media platforms or engaging directly to Potential customers via platforms like Whatsapp.

Here are some examples where Sellers have effectively used Sequence Stamp for their personal use to organize things as well as Buyer engagement activities.

In a Grocery Store, while making list of Products available in Stock, Shopkeeper can create a list with Images as well as to send to Customer as PDF.

If you have such businesses, must try this effective way of Customer engagement.

                                                                            Grocery products  

If You are a Cosmetic product Seller, whether it’s Luxurious or Local products, if you don’t know or have Designing softwares with you to add Listing Numbers, you have Sequence Stamp available with your every click. Have a smartPhone and A Smart Autostamper Application installed in it  to use Smart Sequence Stamp Feature.

Here is a proof of how you can use Stamp for Luxury Cosmetic products Listing without the help of any Designing Software like Photoshop. 

1. Simply Set the Background

2. Arrange your product there

3. Install AutoStamper, Set Sequence Stamp Format

4. Click Photo

And get your Image List ready to send or to arrange in a catalogue.

                                                                         Cosmetic products

In case, You are planning to open Bakery Shop or having it already,  Again Sequence Stamp feature is there to help you out with Image Listings.

Whether you want to create Banner/Brochure/Stands/Leaflets or want to send PDF file to your Customers, Add Sequence Stamp.

Sequence Stamp not just adds Numbers to the Picture but also add value to it as Your Customer is going to get a clear idea on what’s there in your Bucket.

Check this Photomontage.

                                                                          Bakery products

These are the few examples of Product based Businesses where you can effectively Utilise Sequence Stamp for your Products, You can list out n numbers of businesses where Sequence Stamp can play good Role in Customer Engagement as well as to ease your Efforts.

If you have more ideas on how you can utilise Sequence Stamp, Must comment. You can also share your Experience to us on AutoStamper Application along with your Review.