Have Sequence stamp at your Service to accomplish your Fitness goals

Are you Health Conscious? Then, of course, you will research on your own or consult the Expert for the Same.

Does your Expert share plan with you? Or ask to give daily schedule from your end?

If you haven’t enrolled yourself with any Expert and want to start on your own, then keep reading Further.

Once you have made your mind to focus on Fitness, then only you can stop yourself, Nothing else. Everything will fall under your place if you ask for any free or paid help. But at last it’s only you who has to follow strict routine to achieve targeted Goal.

Here I am introducing one interesting feature to you for self help. It’s a Sequence Numbering Stamp added to AutoStamper Application recently.

Let’s Start This Discussion with Exercise,

Surya Namaskar:

Know How to Use Sequence Stamp Here:

  1. First learn how to correctly perform Surya Namaskar Postures

  2. Download AutoStamper Application and edit Sequence Stamp format as per your Choice.

  3. Click your own pictures one by one on every postures keeping Sequence Stamp on.

  4. Now Check Photos having Sequence On every Posture.


There are two reasons why am i suggesting Sequence stamp on images and Not suggesting Video or Montage ?

As Video will keep playing Non Stop regardless of what’s your posture is at that Moment. It will become all clumsy and absurd to follow video sincerely every time.

And incase of Montage, you will get each image very small in your handy device, and not everybody having Big Screens with them during exercise. so to check actions in a Collage form becomes uneasy sometimes.

But here by Sequencing Images, you just have to scroll next as you have already listed postures with Sequence numbering Stamp.

Know how to use this Stamp for your Exercise Routine.

  1. Select Exercises you want to do on a regular basis.

  2. On the very First day, Plan Routine, Open AutoStamper and Make edits to Sequence Stamp as per your requirement.

  3. Do exercises and Click Photos with Sequence Stamp to keep proper count on you. 

  4. Check Your Routine and Follow it now on a regular basis.

  5. Share your Stamped routine Pictures to your Friends & Family.

  6. Happy Stamping! Be Fit & Fine. :)

Check out this Compilation. When you will have Separate Pictures, you will get clear idea while doing exercises.


Now the most important thing that you must have to take care of while thinking about Health and Fitness is DIET.

Let me tell you how Sequence Stamp feature of AutoStamper will help you here.

  1. When you need to update your Expert about your routine Food plan.. Rather than making Collage or mentioning things in text checking every picture again and again., You have Auto option available that only needs a few seconds to Format Stamp settings as per your requirement and then click and explore! 

  2. When you want to send your Diet Plan to dearonce that how you are working out the plan and following routines.

  3. For your own personal reasons, when you want to check out your routine Food chart.

Check this and think how will you feel like doing it for yourself. 

Diet Food Chart

Hope You Liked the idea and will utilise it As soon as you plan fitness Routine for yourself. Stay Fit. Happy Stamping!

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