• Video Stamper

    Now get four amazing stamps for your pre-captured gallery videos in a single app! With 'Video Stamper' you can add ‘Date and Time Stamp, Signature Text, Watermark Logo, and GPS Location' to the videos and make them look outstanding!

  • Moment Stamp

    Every moment is precious, don't let it fade away with the time! Keep your memories alive by adding 'Date and Timestamp' to all photos you capture or are in your phone gallery. The built-in set of 'Stamp Templates' provided is like a cherry on the cake!

  • GPS Map Stamp:

    An amazing way to let the world know where you are! This application facilitates you to add your location data (Including 'Country, State, City, Longitude, and Latitude) to the camera and gallery pictures. A set of 'Stamp Template' to make the picture look stunning is a BONUS!

  • Logext:

    Make your pictures attractive like never before by adding 'Watermark Logo, Text, Emoji & Cool Stickers' on it! From professional to personal, 'Logext' has summed up endless benefits for the users along with the astonishing features!

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Why Auto Stamper (Timestamp Camera App) is must for “'2018”?

'2018' New year started with a great bang, isn't it?

We all are excited and are having amazing times with our friends and family on last day of the year (31st December) as well as the first day (1st January) of the year. During this, we snap so many pictures with some messages or tags on it which can be funny, motivational and much more, don't we?

It's obviously yes, as new beginnings always give positive vibes and being a social animal we are trapped to make use of social media at great extent where we post every now and then. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and much more is accessed greatly for tagging in memes, sharing of videos or pictures, check-ins, etc. 

So it's high time to make sharing of the post in 2018 which receives more likes, shares, and comments. Aren't you excited for the same? Well, you would be for sure. Let me help you with some of the must have and clever to use tricks which will rock your pictures like never before. No matter what operating system (Android or iOS) you use, this is going to be exciting for you. 

Auto Stamper - Date and Time, Signature and Logo Stamp

Photo Composition needs not to be complicated and so to make it better with small details like what was the moment, how and with whom was that snapped, place where it was spent so well, etc. will be like the cherry on cake. Stamps are going to work as cheery for your photographs 

Looking to those photographs, you can have beautiful hints and glimpses of moments which was celebrated with your loved ones, friends and family. 

Date time stamp is one which will bring wonders to your pictures. It is said to be most distinguished and universally needed stamp which can help to solve many problems which you faced so far in terms of remembrance of clicked moments, event tracking, arranging or recollecting moments which you wish to show off and flaunt in front of people and your upcoming generations.

Auto Stamper - Date and Time Stamp

Express yourself creatively on all the pictures you take for lovely and worthwhile moments spent in your life with different font formats, styles, and colors that can glow up your pictures. Personalized text or words or phrases in the form of signature stamp can be anything including trademarks, logos, watermarks, your name and what else is left for moment description? Nothing.

Auto Stamper - Date and Time, Signature and Logo Stamp

Celebration is part of life which happens every now and then for whatsoever purposes may be. Some do like to do at out-countries while some spend time with friends at pubs/ discotheques/ restaurants/ resorts and others be at home while playing games, enjoying dinner and much more. So just imagine that before sharing them on social media's, if they are geotagged with GPS Stamp would be so stunning idea which will even eliminate the need of putting location while posting. 

Auto Stamper - Signature, Geotag and Logo Stamp

This is all need and can have with one and only app called "Auto Stamper" with is up with most easy and quick to use interface. Toggle on/off stamps as prerequisite for using them on photographs. 

What are you sitting for? Download and have Glamorous 2018 year by watermarking pictures with Auto Stamper and making them dazzling.