Signature Stamp


Willing to add a customized signature text to your Photos or want it protected from any kind of misuse by others? Then Signature Stamp can be the best thing you can have for your Photographs. Checkout the benefits beneath!

Stamp format

Select Font format from list of options available that can make your image look perfect when reviewed in future.

Personalized Signature

Design your own personal signature stamp as per image background which will match your image perfectly.  


Secure your pictures especially when they are posted on internet that are captured by you so that there will be no misuse from others. 

Multiple Uses

As we all know we would need signature stamps for so many reasons like company name, trademarks or marking them with moments spent well.

Brand Awareness

Many a times Signature on image is used to create brand awareness which will be beneficial to you as well as your company.


Customize stamp format by selecting stamp size, color, position and format as per picture background to give it unique appearance. 


Check out some of the best examples for Signature Stamp usage by Auto Stamper.

Adored Moments

First Moments of Love or proposal perfectly simplifies the usage of Signature Stamp with lovely catchy lines on the Images looking at which after a span of 50-60 years will make you relive those beautiful memories 1's again!

Friends Moments

Ohh Yeah!! We always cherish the time we have spent with our best friends and marking up these moments with perfect text can work as a "Cherry on Top" for the scarp-book bonding of friendship and fun.

Copyright Claims

Add a customized signature text to your Images in the form of Copyright claims and prevent them from being used by others for their own personal or professional work.