• Video Stamper

    Now get four amazing stamps for your pre-captured gallery videos in a single app! With 'Video Stamper' you can add ‘Date and Time Stamp, Signature Text, Watermark Logo, and GPS Location' to the videos and make them look outstanding!

  • Moment Stamp

    Every moment is precious, don't let it fade away with the time! Keep your memories alive by adding 'Date and Timestamp' to all photos you capture or are in your phone gallery. The built-in set of 'Stamp Templates' provided is like a cherry on the cake!

  • GPS Map Stamp:

    An amazing way to let the world know where you are! This application facilitates you to add your location data (Including 'Country, State, City, Longitude, and Latitude) to the camera and gallery pictures. A set of 'Stamp Template' to make the picture look stunning is a BONUS!

  • Logext:

    Make your pictures attractive like never before by adding 'Watermark Logo, Text, Emoji & Cool Stickers' on it! From professional to personal, 'Logext' has summed up endless benefits for the users along with the astonishing features!

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How to run Auto Stamper perfectly in Honor Devices?

Honor is not behind when it comes to custom user interface. It has developed EMUI which runs on the top of Android.

EMUI has tons of new features and a fresh user interface which makes it one of the best custom UI. From optimisations to performance everything is covered in EMUI making it clean and sleek.  

But it lacks when it comes to keep app running in the background. In our case it is Auto Stamper. Many times your stamps are not added to the photos. You must be wondering why? It is because Auto Stamper works in the background for you. Due to some circumstances Auto Stamper is paused by system’s UI. 

To make sure Auto Stamper works flawlessly we have gathered some methods which you can follow for an error free stamping experience.

Method 1 (Locking App):

1. Open Recent Task Manager(Multi-task tray) that shows all your app’s running in background.

2. To keep Auto Stamper Application running in the background you have to drag the app downwards till you see lock option.

3. Once you have locked the app you will see lock icon on the top right corner.

You're done. Now even if you clean all the application from multi tasking Auto Stamper will keep working in background.

Method 2 (Power Manager):

1  Go to Setting.

2. Scroll down and tap on Advanced settings

3. Tap on Battery Manager

4. Find Protected apps and select Auto Stamper

5. Add Auto Stamper to Protected List to enjoy error free stamping

P.s  Auto Stamper is not an power intensive app.

To everyone who were facing chaos during usage of Auto Stamper, this brief explanation will definitely prove to be an answer to all your stamping related issues. We would love to hear from you if the problem still persists.