• Video Stamper

    Now get four amazing stamps for your pre-captured gallery videos in a single app! With 'Video Stamper' you can add ‘Date and Time Stamp, Signature Text, Watermark Logo, and GPS Location' to the videos and make them look outstanding!

  • Moment Stamp

    Every moment is precious, don't let it fade away with the time! Keep your memories alive by adding 'Date and Timestamp' to all photos you capture or are in your phone gallery. The built-in set of 'Stamp Templates' provided is like a cherry on the cake!

  • GPS Map Stamp:

    An amazing way to let the world know where you are! This application facilitates you to add your location data (Including 'Country, State, City, Longitude, and Latitude) to the camera and gallery pictures. A set of 'Stamp Template' to make the picture look stunning is a BONUS!

  • Logext:

    Make your pictures attractive like never before by adding 'Watermark Logo, Text, Emoji & Cool Stickers' on it! From professional to personal, 'Logext' has summed up endless benefits for the users along with the astonishing features!

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Mark up your successfully Organized Events with Auto Stamper

Mark up your successfully Organized Events with Auto Stamper

An Event organizer or many times called as event planners are the person who arranges and plans all aspects which are required and involved in organizing an event. The meet the clients and understands the agenda and expectations which they want from the event. This is very creative field where so many things need to be kept in mind for its succe..

Why “Auto Stamper” is different from other apps?

Why “Auto Stamper” is different from other apps?

Auto stamper is a photography application which is considered to be an all-in-one package which consist of 3 stamps in a single app. No other application has provided this functionality yet. There are applications available in play store which is developed for Date and Time stamp or Signature stamp or Global Positioning System (GPS) stamp. But t..